Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Smile at your own risk

It was maghrib. We read surah AlKahfi together. Then it was time to pray ishak.

There was a girl in front of me. 2 years old. Looking at me sharply. I procrastinate. She tap my spine happily. I sat for my tasyahud akhir. She digs into my eyes! She laughed at me. And then she digs my eyes again, finding a way to make the eye balls pop out! And she laughed again. Then she made my eyes like a nyonya. It made her laugh harder. Later, the jemaah asked the mum why her daughter laugh so loud. She said, she had no idea~

After the prayer. She looked sharply at me again. Waiting for me to be MAD at her. Her mother who was right beside me noticed her youngest daughter had interrupted my prayer and scold her. I wasn't angry, not because i'm super duper nice but i had to control my focus at that time...and it was really funny;)

I told my mum what happened the next day and demonstrate what the girl did, she burst out laughing.

Oh Allah, accept my prayers and good deeds...

p/s: Did you smile?:)