Wednesday, June 29, 2011


It has been 26 days. Too many things happened and too fast.
Caught myself in a hot fever and diarrhea which makes me weak till this tick.
Totally loosing my appetite and looking pale.
I finish cooking lunch(only one dish, usually i can make 3 dish)and quickly finding a place to lie down.
I cant run, carry heavy things, run up and down the stairs.... staying in front of the computer is even too tiring.
Oh, Aisyah is old already:)

Silly chores seems explicit. The pleasure of health is indeed to be thanked.(Alhamdulillah)
Haven't felt weak for quite a time.

Thank you to abah and ibu who had cooked so many things (but your daughter can only take 3/4 spoon feed and quickly feels full), brought the food upstairs, clears up the food waste after i ate. Thank you to Dr Mariam Sakinah who nags me~. And anyone who could not be mention here:)

I need to be pink soon~